❤️Today is Rescue Dog Day ❤️

❤️Today is Rescue Dog Day ❤️

❤️Today is Rescue Dog Day ❤️

This is a cause so close to my heart!

I’ve posted about my amazing pups before, but here’s another recap.

Charlie is our 4.5 year old mixed white male from Turkey. He was found trapped in a fishing net.. yes left to ..well, no longer be a bother 😢😢

Victoria came to us - urgently - from Greece - she is a 3 year old mixed tri- paw.

We aren’t sure what happened to her leg but it definitely involved serious trauma.

Leonard is our 9 year old tripod Chichi from Texas. Another tri-paw!

He had his back leg when he was found but it was so badly damaged it needed to be removed.

These poor animals did not have it easy. But all three are now safe, healthy and happy. ♥️🐾

I am so grateful we were able to rescue them from the terrible conditions they were living in.

The joy they bring me every single day cannot be measured. We are lucky to have each other. 🥰🥰🥰


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