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We are on a Mission to make the healthiest and most delicious chocolates on the market.

All products are PURE dark chocolate bites with a creamy milk chocolate centre. The cacao is Fine Aroma Cacao™ from small NGO farms in the heart of Ecuador. We only use a few clean ingredients, no alkali to preserve antioxidants, and there is 0g of sugar added, so they are clean and keto friendly. They are infused with Feel-Good Adaptogens™ and provide higher absorption given the added good fats (MCT oil) and piperine.

We have two product lines, each a World’s First:

  • a line of Vitamins & Supplements in a delicious pure chocolate bite (5 skus);

  • a line of Functional Chocolate (5 skus): Protein Me with 9g of Protein, Beauty Me with Collagen and Silica and Adaptogens, Energize Me with Caffeine and Vitamin Me with Vitamins

We are thrilled that you are interested in helping us spread the word about these products. We’ve designed a program that helps you do so while rewarding you at the same time.

How the program works -

  • We give you a unique code for your followers, friends and family to use when ordering our products online. When they use this code they will receive 20% off their order and you will receive a 10% commission!

  • Post this code on all of your social media sites so everyone can see it because the more purchases made using this code, the more commission you make.

  • We pay out commission on a monthly basis. There are no minimums or maximums. Please note that you are required to have a PayPal account as all our affiliates are paid out this way.

This program is not open to coupon / discount deal sites.

If you are interested, please click this button and complete the attached form for review.


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