Suzie Yorke at Deloitte

A BIG thank you to Deloitte, EDC, BDC and RBC!

A BIG thank you to Deloitte, EDC, BDC and RBC for an amazing Work Session!

Andrew Bond at Deloitte proposed a WorkSession and helped pull some resources for us. We were blessed with having 14 Functional Leads and Team members from Deloitte attend, in addition to Export Development Canada | Exportation et développement Canada with Elizabeth Phelan and RBC with Alisa Trunova

We feel SO blessed to have Deloitte, EDC, RBC and BDC ALL supporting our Start-up #thebetterchocolate. Thank you!

Our Worksession was fantastic: we spent 2 hrs at the Deloitte HO tower downtown with everyone. Our Agenda included all the good stuff needed for Start-ups:

- 2023-2025 Business Plan overview
- Strategic Plan 1-pager
- Working Capital options
- Company Valuation / EV
- Ops and S&OP to scale
- Fractional CFO support
- and of course Tax!

We’re a little bit unique, with our partnership between Suzie and Alejandro and our manufacturing is in Ecuador at his World Class Bean-to-Bar, NGO Community Fair Trade Facility. So we’re very happy to have the BEST experts advising us now!

Big thanks also of course to David Jamieson, our legal partners, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, who have a start-up division.

We appreciate all the support!
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