Suzie Yorke and Alejandro Castillo

Brand Launch Video!

We are so excited to share our BRAND LAUNCH video! 🙌🎉💥🙏⭐️🥰

We’ve tried to capture the story of why we’re launching The Better Chocolates:

1. The world’s first Supplement & Vitamin family of products in a Real  Chocolate bite; each also infused with Adaptogens. 

2. And also, our Functional Chocolate lines: Protein Me and Beauty Me; loaded with Protein (9g), Fiber (5g) and/or with Vitamins, Collagen, Minerals and Adaptogens. 

All made with the BEST CACAO in the world, from the heart of Ecuador: ❤️❤️ Small NGO farms, Fair Trade, Single origin, Bean-to-Bar trade model. 

Have a listen to our video here!
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