Do you want less sugary vitamins for your kids? 😱

Do you want less sugary vitamins for your kids? 😱

Do you want less sugary vitamins for your kids? 😱

Introducing our new Kid’s C&D!! 👧🏻 👦🏻 💕 

Our Kid’s C&D Chocolate Bite is a 4-in-1.

Boost their immunity with this great combination of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc paired with Feel-Good Ashwagandha that helps increase energy and resistance to stress!

We super formulated these, so your child just needs to take 1 small Chocolate Bite instead of multiple gummies. 💥

Each bite has a Clinical Strength dosing!


The quality of the our PURE chocolate is like no other: 🤩

👉🏻 unique Bean-to-Bar and Fair Trade Certified

 👉🏻100% Single Origin: carefully nurtured and grown in the heart of the farmer’s small fields in Ecuador, sourced only from our NGO that support 3422 small farms

- this allows for an incredibly rich cacao chocolate taste to develop as the beans grow*

- then gently conched and tempered without alkali, without added natural or artificial flavours, and without chemicals anywhere in the entire process

👉🏻 An entirely natural process Bean-to-Bar process where most of the antioxidants and flavonoids are preciously protected so the chocolate is healthier.

👉🏻 FourX Better ChocolateTM **certified Women’s Owned,** and we have LGBTQ+2S Founders and 50% ownership and 50% BIPOC.

Try our new Kid’s C&D formula and let us know what your kids think!

Available in the US on our website
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