Here we GO! Our F-I-R-S-T Full Production at our Factory in Ecuador

Here we GO! Our F-I-R-S-T Full Production at our Factory in Ecuador

Melanie Webb and I flew into Quito to be here for our first production week. We’re so excited!  

Right now, we’re making our delicious new Functional Chocolates with Benefits. Then these are on their way to our 3PL warehouse in Mississauga, ready to start selling to stores via our two awsome distributors UNFI Canada and Purity Life Health Products LP just before the holidays!!
All 5 flavours are being made ... one after another: Protein Me with Almonds, Protein Me with Salted Caramel, Beauty Me with Sea Salt, Vitamin Me Creamy Fudge and Energize Me with Espresso. 
The whole office team gets to try freshly made ones that just came off the line!

 Lots of big celebrations here as they are so so so creamy, melt-in-your-mouth and the real chocolate is "snappy" with it's rich pure cacao deliciousness! 

Last surprise: check out our new wrappers! Each one with our logo and flavour descriptor, and so easy to open! 
Pinch me: Our Pre-launch is live and we’re selling online. See link below and we much appreciate your support; we have a super-special 30% off all BFCM weekend to say thank you. End Monday midnight. Promo Code: BLACK30%


By, Suzie

Ceo and Co-Founder

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