Nashville KEHE Summer Show!!

Nashville KEHE Summer Show!!

Here we come! 🎉


We’ll be sampling our new healthy & delicious vitamins. The Better Chocolate 💕

We currently have five amazing SUPER formulas!

All 0g of sugar added and Bean-to-Bar authentic real chocolate from Ecuador! 🦋

Best of all: Did you know that just 1 of our chocolate bites can replace 6 to 18 gummies!!

Women’s Multi-Vitamin + Immunity + Stress offers a 3-in-1 super formula.

Super Sleep offers a 6-in-1 super formula.

C + D + Immunity + Stress is a 4-in-1 super formula.

Kid’s Multi-Vitamin + Immunity is also a 3-in-1 super formula.

Kid’s C + D + Immunity is a 4-in-1 super formula.

DM me if you are also going to be in Nashville! And for sure stop by our booth to try our amazing vitamins!

BYE BYE gummies ! Hello pure chocolate with 0g of sugar added!

The World's Best Tasting Chocolate Just Got Healthier! 🦋
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