Online retailers: We are now at and Healthy Planet! 💕

Online retailers: We are now at and Healthy Planet! 💕


We are so happy to announce we are joining these two incredible retailers! 🙌💥

👉🏻 Healthy Planet

You can now get your favourite functional chocolate online 💕 The Better Chocolate

The quality of the our chocolate is like no other:

🦋 100% Single Origin from the heart of the farmer’s small fields in Ecuador, 100% Bean-to-Bar, Fair Trade Certified,and sourcing only from NGOs that support 3422 small farms.

🦋 This allows for an incredibly rich cacao chocolate taste, processed without alkali, without added natural or artificial flavours, and without chemicals anywhere in the process.

🦋 An entirely natural process where most of the antioxidants and flavonoids are preciously protected so the chocolate is healthier.  We’re conducting HPLC testing now to show how many more flavonoids are in our chocolate versus the competition.

We are so thrilled for the support of these two online retailers. 💕💕🥰

Order yours today! The Better Chocolate
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