Our First even Press Release!

Our First even Press Release!

🙏💕🎉💯 Our First even Press Release! 🙏💕🎉💯

I still get so excited with all these “First...” even for my second start-up The Better Chocolate

Check out our Press Release ... L

Off to Natural Products Expo we go!

You’d think by now, I might be over that as with 33 years of marketing under my belt, I’ve pretty much done and seen it all!

From record smashing innovation and launches, to ground-breaking TV campaigns to massive brand turn-arounds, to the never ending price wars among the CPG Titan brands!

But nope - I’m still like a little kid in a candy-store with our “first” press release. Big Thanks to FRONT DOOR PR - Strategic PR, Communications, Media, Marketing & Events

I’m beyond proud that my first Start-up at Love Good Fats is launching 2 phenomelly delicious new flavours :

Salted Caramel and Double Chocolate ..which are now my 2 new favourites. Come and taste them at Booth #162 and meet Paul Schiffner, our fantastic CEO.

And taste some of our delicious chocolate bites of my second start-up: The Better Chocolate booth #8210.

We can say GoodBye Gummies and hello to One Chocolate a Day!
Come try all 5 skus and say Hi to Melanie Webb and I.

Load up on our MultiVitamins and Vitamin C&D to have energy for the day! Take some of our Super Sleep to crash quickly and sleep tight and be ready for Day 2 and 3. And take a few for your Kids too as we have 2 fantastic #ceo #marketing kids skus.

Have a great show everyone!

By, Suzie Yorke

CEO & Co-Founder

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