Our PRE-LAUNCH goes live!

Our PRE-LAUNCH goes live!

Our COUNTDOWN is ON! 24 hours to Go! Tomorrow at 7am our PRE-Launch goes Live! 🥰
You can F-I-N-A-L-L-Y Pre-ORDER our incredible Functional Chocolates with Benefits on our Pre-Launch Shopify platform starting tomorrow! In Canada ONLY! (US and our Vitamins/Supplements also coming soon)  

By buying now, you will be supporting our Start-up by helping to fund our first production and you’ll also be the first in line to get them as soon as they’re ready - December 19th... and you’ll get a nice discount too!  
We’re making production now at our little factory in Quito; we have 20 pallets to make for the first container that will make its way to Canada!  
We made 2 pallets of Beauty Me yesterday and oh goodness... they are melt-in-your-mouth, creamy and pure real chocolate deliciousness! Check our social media for taste test reactions!! (link in comments) 
Melanie Webb is coming on the trip this time! I’m so excited!  
Over these 8 days, Melanie and I will be: 
- Supervising, tasting and helping with production! 
- Will have our first ever 3-day Offsite/Onsite Management Meeting (our entire Management team of 6 will be at the factory together next week) - welcome to Quito Diana Avila and Miguel Monroy Alcántara

- Meeting up with my awesome Social Media Coordinator Amanda Padrón and shooting some fun social media videos 
- Swimming and hot/cold tubbing with Alejandro’s mommy!  
- Going to a fancy evening Gala evening with Alejandro Castillo and Sanda 
- Will then spend 2 days in Banos (link below) with Vanessa Graterol Cipriani and Mateo. This is a 3hour drive into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon and is known as the “adventure capital of Ecuador”. Waterfalls, treehouses, thermal water pools, Basilica’s, canyoning, some of the most incredible fauna and flora and, of course, the most authentic Ecuadorian food possible!  
It’s going to be a very jam-packed 8 days!  Woot Thank you Galo Castillo for your beautiful condo! We are SPOILED! 🦋🇪🇨🙏🥰🥰
Off we go for our 12-hour trek to beautiful Quito, Ecuador  

By, Suzie

CEO and Co-Founder


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