Packing up 100’s of Sales Reps Kits.. again!

Packing up 100’s of Sales Reps Kits.. again!

5 years ago, this picture got 75,000 views…

Here is another one from yesterday: Packing 100’s of Rep Kit boxes at our 3PL - oops I did it again!

Wonder if this post will also go viral! Working my biceps as I pack up boxes 🙂

Melanie and I helped our 3PL team pack up 100’s Rep Kits to our hard-working Sales Reps across the country. UNFI CanadaPurity Life Health Products LPPropel Natural BrandsGo Direct Solutions

Also: exciting news: we’re doing FREE PASSIVE SAMPLING KITS for the stores! setting these up as a SKU now with our Distributors.
The Rep Kits contain :

10 FREE boxes of our delicious melt-in-your-mouth, 0g of Sugar added PURE Chocolate Bites infused with Vitamins/supplements

20 FREE samples and the FREE Sample Cards to put on Store counters across the country

Sales Sheets/ Product Sheets/ Personalized Thank you Card and Letter and my Business Card!

If anything missing - call or text me!

There is nothing out there like our new Bites! Our goal is to make chocolate healthy by removing the bad stuff and making sure we have good-for-you stuff in there.

Plus, they are so delicious as we start with the best tasting Cacao in the world! From the heart of Ecuador: 100% Single Source, Bean-to-Bear, supporting the small Community farms NGO and of course, Fair Trade!

Our custom factory in Quito is Bean-to-Bar trade process as we custom roast each cacao beans according to their size and then off to conching and tempering.

No chemicals, no alkali, no preservatives, no additives, no added flavours, nothing artificial and not even added natural flavours. Nope.

The World’s Best Tasting Chocolate Just Got Healthier! 🦋


- Suzie

CEO & Co-Founder 

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