Single Source Origin & Bean-to-Bar!

Single Source Origin & Bean-to-Bar:

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Part V - Lets chat Bean-to-Bar first! 

You hear this expression lots these days!; What does it really mean? 
It’s actually en entire TRADE model!

Bean-to-bar is a term that has become synonymous with craft, fine, high-quality, natural and nutritional chocolate.

This is a trade model that was born from the artisan and craft chocolate movement representative of an individual company buying ethically sourced cocoa beans to make high-quality integral chocolate.

The term refers to the upper portion of the cacao to chocolate supply chain, it is a legal labelling concept for many chocolate brands and is clearly defined as the consistent manufacturing process of taking whole cocoa beans to make chocolate bars that are ready to eat.

Bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers control the roasting time, sugar content, fat content, additives, flavor ingredients, texture and can even enrich the flavor sensory experience through adding essential oils to create hundreds of flavors, types and classes of chocolate through their businesses.

Single Source:

Single Source has exploded in popularity as consumers are seeing this as a higher quality option. Understandably. It’s more expensive as you can’t just buy “the cheapest beans this week” and then all blend them together. 

Single Source allows you to give the profile of the chocolate and 
concentrate on deep rich flavours that have patiently grown inside the beans and now have distinctive taste.  This will allow you to reveal the unique flavour and character of the bean as you carefully process them. In our case, the beautifully aromatic Ecuadorian flavours of the small NGO home grown beans which has absorbed the aromas of plants flowers around starting as a tiny bud.

When mixing several origins together in the process together, you can’t achieve that unless you use Alkali. 


When you read “processed with alkali”, it simply means that it’s the Dutch process to chemically manipulate to reduce acidity. It sure is great as it makes the cacao dark and with more flavour… it’s sort of “cheating” though - with chemicals- … in my world. 

So there you have it ; Bean-to-Bar, Single Source, NO ALKALI


By: Suzie Yorke, CEO and Co-Founder.


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