"Suzie’s Summer Tour"!  Retailers: have we connected yet to get you booked?

"Suzie’s Summer Tour"! Retailers: have we connected yet to get you booked?

"Suzie’s Summer Tour"!  Retailers: have we connected yet to get you booked?

I’m so excited to announce that The Better Chocolate is hitting the stores and into the streets all summer long! ☀ 😋

There is nothing better than a founder - and her spouse, kids, summer students and team - ALL LIVING in the stores that support us. 💕

We’ll be doing -

▪ demos
▪ samples for your staff
▪ passive sampling for your shoppers
▪ social and media tagging
▪ tons of super fun videos
▪ testimonials
▪ bringing you floor stands!!!

Retailers: We’d love to visit your store! 🛒

Fans - Ask your store manager to book us in!! 💕

Then come see us and get some delicious samples.

The quality of the our chocolate is like no other:

FourX Better Chocolate : Functional Chocolate with Benefits. First in Canada infused with vitamins, supplements, protein, fiber and MCT oil.

Fair Trade Certified, Bean-to-Bar, 100% Single Origin from the heart of the farmer’s small fields in Ecuador.

Incredibly rich cacao chocolate taste, processed without alkali, without added natural or artificial flavour and without chemicals anywhere in the process.

Better for our taste buds, our bodies, our farmers, our land, our planet.

Certified Women’s Owned, LGBTQ+2S Founders and 50% ownership and 50% BIPOC.
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