Try our new WOMEN’S MULTI + IMMUNITY + STRESS formula 💕

Try our new WOMEN’S MULTI + IMMUNITY + STRESS formula 💕

Try our new WOMEN’S MULTI + IMMUNITY + STRESS formula 💕

Our MultiVitamin Chocolate Bite is a true 3-in-1 as it has more clinical strength ingredients than 6-18 gummies of the leading competitors!

Yes.. one little Chocolate Bite = up to 6-18 gummies!! 👀

We super formulated them to add Ashwagandha (for Stress, Mood) and Elderberry (for Immunity), so you just need to take 1 small Chocolate Bite to get your daily doses!

Plus Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc and the wonderful Adaptogen Piperine.

AND best of all, 0g of Sugar, no additives, filles, added dlavours and they TASTE DELICIOUS! 😋

The Chocolate is the best too, we all know that BETTER CACAO = better tasting Chocolate 🤩

The quality of the our PURE chocolate is like no other:

- unique Bean-to-Bar and Fair Trade Certified

 -100% Single Origin: carefully nurtured and grown in the heart of the farmer’s small fields in Ecuador, sourced only from our NGO that support 3422 small farms

- this allows for an incredibly rich cacao chocolate taste to develop as the beans grow and grow.. no need to add "natural flavours".. nope

- then, the cacao is gently conched and tempered without alkali, without added natural or artificial flavours, and without chemicals anywhere in the entire process

An entirely natural process Bean-to-Bar process where most of the antioxidants and flavonoids are preciously protected so the chocolate is healthier than other processed chocolate.

Our jar is one-of-a-kind, super practical: easy to open and such a convenient and delicious way to take your daily vitamins! 

Try our new WOMEN’S MULTI + IMMUNITY + STRESS formula and let us know what you think! 🤗
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