We’re Hiring! Our team is growing 🙌 Join us

We’re Hiring! Our team is growing 🙌 Join us

We’re Hiring! Our team is growing 🙌 Join us

We’re looking for a seasoned CPG Operations leader to join us!

Part-time or Fractional role and Project driven and then go from there as we grow.

We're a start-up. Practical, scrappy yet anchored in CPG principles and processes right from the start.

We’re looking for someone with a successful career in CPG in progressively more senior Operations roles, either in Canada or the US.

We’re looking for lots of experience with operations basics such as S&OP, RFP’s, working with plants and co-manufacturing and ideally, experience with chocolate factories too!

Happy Bonus: you will get to eat all the healthy, delicious, 0g of sugar chocolate you you can! And get to do lots of trips to beautiful Quito, Ecuador where our plant is located.

Apply now or Tag a colleague or Refer a friend/colleague.
PS :
- no need to DM me: just apply
- Minimum of 10 years of CPG in operations in north america is a must; we won’t even see resumes that don’t meet this criteria
- If you know someone who knows me, feel free to have them DM me
- Will need your resume

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