We're making our new Vitamins all week! 🎉

We're making our new Vitamins all week! 🎉

I’m in Quito again! Trip #5! YES! We're making our new Vitamins all week! 🎉

5 skus: Women’s Multi, Sleep, C+D, Kids Multi, Kids C+D! 💕

Each are SUPER formulations with the adaptogen Ashwagandha and Elderberry for Immunity all in one delicious Chocolate Bite: so it’s like a 3-in-1! No need to buy and take 6-18 gummies per day ANYMORE as you get the same benefits in our 1 delicious Women’s Multi+Immunity+Stress! 💪

I love love being right here at our factory when we make our delicious bites! best part of my job! 💕

And oh, yesterday, we were making our Super Sleep! I had a few too many tastings and now loading up on coffee to keep my eyes open! ahah 😴

It’s getting real, in a few weeks, we’re launching our disruptive and innovative new line of Vitamins & Supplements in a Chocolate Bite Format across the United States!

0g of Sugar Added delicious Chocolate Bites infused with full Clinical Strength formulas. Just a few clean ingredients, no chemicals, no alkali, no added artificial or natural flavours - not needed as the cacao is naturally infused and so so rich in flavour!

👉 Come try some and say hi! at the KEHE Show in Nashville Jan 7-8th.

We have codes so we’ll be rolling out to retailers shortly (we got our first account confirmed already! woot…keep ‘em coming!).

The World’s Best Tasting Chocolate Just Got Healthier! 🦋


Suzie Yorke

CEO and Co-Founder

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